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Can you use paparazzi in your business name?

According to Wikipedia, Paparazzi refer to independent photographers who capture pictures of high-profile individuals such as actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, and celebrities, usually in their daily lives. These photographers earn their livelihood by selling their images to media outlets that specialize in tabloid journalism and sensationalism, such as gossip magazines.

However, for Paparazzi Accessories, the company enforces a stringent clause in their terms and conditions, clearly stating that a Consultant cannot use the names “Paparazzi” or “Paparazzi Accessories” in their business name, as outlined in Section 5.3. Although exceptions are permitted for social media pages, watch parties, and email addresses, the Consultant’s name must be personalized with the words “Paparazzi” or “Paparazzi Accessories” only. Additionally, Consultants can incorporate these names into their site name, but only when combined with their individual, personal name. For instance, “Jane’s Paparazzi” is an acceptable name, whereas “$5 Paparazzi” is not, as it fails to distinguish itself from Corporate Paparazzi. The use of the names “Paparazzi” or “Paparazzi Accessories” is allowed only if personalized with a Consultant’s name. The name must not include these words, or words indicating rank (Fashionista, Elite, A-Lister, Maven A-Lister, Jetsetter, Luxe Jetsetter, etc.), to be considered compliant.

Please note that PBC does not offer any jewelry or accessories for sale and is not associated with Paparazzi Accessories. It is important to understand that any purchase of business cards from our website is not considered as property of Paparazzi Accessories and should not be directed to them to resolve any issues. In the event of any issue with an order made through our website, we strongly advise that you contact us directly. We are committed to providing prompt and efficient support to our valued customers.