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Paparazzi Accessories Table Runners Get Your Event Off to a Running Start. A quick way to make a good impression with a business display or set the right mood during a special occasion is with a custom table runner instead of a plain table. Personalized table runners can put the finishing touch on a table covered with table throws. Use Paparazzi trade show table runners for business events in conjunction with table throws to complement your company colors.

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Paparazzi Table Runners with PBC
Customized table cloths and custom table runners can be fully customized for your Paparazzi Accessories Business. These are great alternatives to full-cover tablecloths due to their versatile use. Besides using them on the tables, they can also be used for multiple display purposes, including hanging on the wall!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild with Your Paparazzi Table Cloth
Custom printed Paparazzi table runners can feature the company logo, telephone number, website address or specials.

You can use them alone – with or without a design – as an inexpensive way to dress up a table by just covering the center of it. Paparazzi Accessories table runners can also be used as beautiful cloth wall hangings to attract attention. They are made of high-quality satin and nylon, specially cut with a hot knife to prevent fraying, and then digitally printed in rich colors. With proper care, your custom table runner can be used for years.

We Go to Great Lengths for Paparazzi Accessories Table Covers
Our standard trade show table runner is 2 by 6 feet, but we can customize sizes in any length and width, just contact us.

When you add up all the benefits of our custom table runners – the versatility, durability, affordability, and ability to customize them – you won’t find better value in the long run.


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