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What can doTERRA Business Cards do for you?

  • Help you sell more by showing Oil Combinations
  • Permit you to give samples when used as Scent Cards
  • Legitimize you as a professional with High-Grade Quality
  • Get more customers with more Call Backs!

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Meet Amy. She is a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend, an administrative assistant, the list goes on and on.

Between tidying up the home, taking her daughter to soccer practice and meeting up with her girlfriends for cocktails; you would think she just couldn’t fit anything else into her busy schedule.

But not Amy. In each errand, event or get-together she sees a networking opportunity to tell people about what’s she’s passionate about.

As a Wellness Advocate she wants to help people with their health and inform them how, but Amy knows everyone is on the go-go-go like she is, so she has handy dōTERRA business cards to share with the new people she meets while running errands.

Most people visit her dedicated dōTERRA website and some call Amy directly to find out more. Amy is able to inform her new friend of all the benefits of dōTERRA products in a casual conversation. The people feel comfort in knowing they can talk directly to a person they’ve met before in person and convert into a loyal customer.

Amy is always meeting new people. Her community admires her and loyal customers recognize she’s an expert in her field, so they share her business cards with others as she is seen as the go-to person for wellness.

As her reach grows, Amy is making the world a better place one card at a time.

Some Of The Wellness Advocates Who Got Cards

Ask them for an unbiased review of our doTERRA cards.

doTERRA Oil Recipe Cards

With these business cards a doTERRA Wellness Advocate can:

  • Generate more Call-backs from new leads
  • Promote their individual brand
  • Look professional at Networking Events
  • Convert everyday meetups into business opportunities

How does the Scent Card option help with my Essential Oil business?

  1. Chart displays function of each oil pairing to common ailments
  2. Ask prospect for their ailment from chart
  3. Place oil pairing recipe for ailment on Matte Side of the card
  4. Prospect takes sample with your contact information
  5. Prospect realizes an actual benefit on their own time
  6. Prospect is converted to a believer / loyal customer without you looking as a Pushy Sales Person

How to Order doTERRA Business Cards

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